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What Would You Say?

It's been almost ten months since I first posted this...

The idea is to post TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now: (All characters, current and departed. New and old, see if you can guess!)

As an example here are some from Reinette, Madame de Pompadour. (and oh so briefly a Para cast member)

1. I wish I knew you for myself.
2. I hope that I am capable of being the woman you believe me to be.
3. I never intended to love you as I do. Now I cannot imagine any other way.
4. You make me desire everything to change. You make me desire that everything stay the same.
5. I have known him near the whole of my life. Is it so wrong that I care?
6. I cannot help but wonder who you might have been.
7. I set you free with the hope you might return to me. But I knew you never would.
8. I want nothing more than for you to remember. But I refuse to show you how.
9. We have been everywhere together, I think. And yet traveled so little. But I would not have it any other way.
10. I wanted so much for you that you became lost in it.

Have fun!
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Miles Edgeworth.

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1. I despise you.
2. You are one of the few who has truly made me feel comforted upon my arrival.
3. I've yet to meet you and I do not wish to.
5. Your energetic nature exhausts me at times, but I consider you a close friend and enjoy your company.
6. You are my best friend. I've never had the audacity to tell you this. I oftentimes feel that I do not deserve your friendship.
7. I've just met you, but I've told you more than I've ever revealed to most people in my life during this past turbulent week. Thank you for all your support.
8. I am deeply impressed with your intellect at such a young age.
9. I find you slightly attractive. Intellectually, of course.
10. I would like to invite you over for a chat and a cup of tea.
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Thank you Mr. Edgeworth! That's a very nice thing to say.
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Re: 8

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I'm not very adept at saying 'nice things,' as I've been told repeatedly. But those are my truest sentiments.
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It's nice! Because lots of people just tell me to go away.
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Because I'm a kid.
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...That's irrelevant! You are far brighter that most of the adults here.
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[Miles is now one of Conan's favorite persons.]

Some adults don't like it when a kid knows more than they do.
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...And you acknowledge that you do, which shows confidence in your level of aptitude.

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...2? TELL ME I'M RIGHT. *sob*

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You're welcome! I know it can be very hard when you first arrive here and don't know anything.
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You're a shrewd one, Martel.
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...For some reason, everybody thinks I'm rather naive. [She's trusting, maybe too trusting, but she's not stupid.]
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Every one of us are naive and ignorant in some respects, Martel. As long as we can allow ourselves to identify which, we will forever open up new paths on the journey to our truths.
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May I help you?
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Nothing. Just that you're a good best friend.
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How about stellar then?
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Exhausting? Maybe you just need to work out more.
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More like... slightly mentally taxing, rather than physically exhausting. But I am growing accustomed.
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Sorry, I know I can be a bit complex. [ahaha, because obvs her twisted sense of logic = flawless]

[ooc: ps! is it okay if I throw a reply into the phoenix wake up log? then maybe we could have a thread with the three of them once Nick and Edgeworth are done talking in their thread?]
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I am no stranger to complexity. Life would be abhorrent without.

[[I was just about to invite you there, dear. You beat me to it. Feel free to make her own thread. I'll throw Maya's name up there once she arrives. =D]]
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Isn't it weird that abhorrent sounds like 'boar'?

[you're the best *^*]